Joyland, What Will Make It Last:
(a Longform Fiction Pick of the Week & Joyland‘s Most-Read in the South)
New South
, A Few Electric Seconds
SqualorlyMy shadow was a mermaid named Monica
Smokelong QuarterlyThe Low Hum of Vegetation
Paper DartsBecause We Make a Living
DOGZPLOTShelter Like a Sinking Ship


Potomac Review, Thales, The First Western Philosopher
Potomac Review, The Geometry of Love
Midwest Quarterly Review, Hometown: A Field Guide
Bayou, Initiation
Sundog Lit, When every skyscraper is only a sandcastle
Sundog Lit, Angels on Horseback or Devils
Revolution House, Cavity
Revolution House, Atlantis
Bluestem, In Buenos Aires
Nashville ReviewRag and Bone
Fifth Wednesday, The Worst Thing about the South Carolina State Fair
Unsplendid, Holy Grounds: Norwich Cathedral
Unsplendid, Holy Grounds: Tintern Abbey
Unsplendid, Holy Grounds: St. Paul’s Cathedral
Word Riot, Sidewalking
Word RiotGenesis


The Scofield, The Inevitable Ongoingness: László Krasznahorkai’s Destruction and Sorrow Beneath the Heavens
The Scofield
, on Blue Voyage by Conrad Aiken


dislocateExposure: Notes from the Underworld
Cartridge LitOur Hero, or Faith and Desire: A Voiceover


There Is No One Story
interview with Elise Blackwell, by Ashley Strosnider
Word Influenza: PW Talks with Alena Graedon
interview with Alena Graedon, by Ashley Strosnider
Advice from Six Amazing Writers on Writing Your Flash
interview with Ashley Strosnider, by Michael Alexander Chaney
Smoking with Ashley Strosnider
interview with Ashley Strosnider, by Josh Denslow


Why Meeting More Imaginations Matters: Ashley Strosnider at TEDx Lincoln Women 2015
a TEDx talk on why who decides what you’re reading matters, why a lack of diversity in reading is its own kind of censorship, and what you can do about it.