Here’s what I’m doing now:


  • I’m still living and working in Lincoln, NE, at the University of Nebraska for Prairie Schooner and the African Poetry Book Fund. The wind is cold across the great plains, but I got some grandma-approved wool socks.
  • Keeping thirty-one houseplants (I just counted) alive through a midwestern winter.
  • Eating unbelievable amounts of fruit, because my aunt said unlimited fruit is allowed. Otherwise just trying to keep hydrated.
  • I’m excited to be ramping up my freelance editing! I’m working with a couple of regular clients on books that occupy totally different ends of the spectrum: financial advice for millennials and romance/erotica! I’ve also recently taken on a couple of mystery and business books, a memoir, a few literary fiction manuscripts good enough to make me jealous, and even some poetry. Always looking for new projects and collaborators (see “Editing” page).
  • I’m querying a novel about arts culture in the small-town south; researching a new one about coal mining, internet relationships, and the fear of flying; and poking at stories here and there (featuring toads, taxidermy, and tents).
  • Planning my trip to Tampa for the annual AWP Writers’ Conference and looking forward to connecting with old friends there. Also just got my passport renewed, so who knows where next!