I’m an enthusiastic and detail-oriented professional editor and writer with a unique range of experience, expertise in multiple editorial styles, creative problem-solving skills, clear communication, and an eye for clean, concise copy. I am dedicated to supportive critique, to empathetic editing, and to the creative exchange of ideas.

From substantive, developmental editing to nitty gritty copy editing or a basic proofread, I’ve helped writers with a range of work across multiple genres. Whether you’re looking for a short story critique, feedback on query letters or other submission materials, cleanup and recommendations on resumes and cover letters for a new job hunt, or a full-on line edit of a novel, copy edit of a cookbook, or proofread of a self-help manuscript, I’d love to take a look.

Why Hire an Editor?

Sometimes just changing the font isn’t enough to show you all the typos and inconsistencies in your own work–especially after you’ve read it and revised it and re-read it and re-revised it… Or maybe you know you’ve got a great story but you’re feeling a little less sure about your own spelling and grammar skills. From a full-on line edit of a novel to a light copy edit of a cookbook to a proofread of a self-help manuscript, another set of eyes is always a good idea. And it’s not just books: editors can offer valuable feedback on cover letters and resumes for a new job hunt, big academic projects like a thesis or dissertation, or even query letters, synopses, the first three chapters, or other common literary submissions materials.

Who I Am & What I Do

I’m a professional editor and writer with a master’s degree in creative writing and ten years of professional editorial experience. A working writer myself (see my writing page for more on that), I currently serve as the Managing Editor at Prairie Schooner, a ninety-one-year-old quarterly journal of international creative literary writing published at the University of Nebraska. With work experience ranging from traditional to commercial to indie/self-publishing to small-press literary journals, I bring a unique range of experience, expertise in multiple editorial styles, creative problem-solving skills, clear communication, and an eye for clean, concise copy to each project. I edit in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style unless you have another preference, and I can edit substantively or do a surface-level typo roundup or anything in between.


I’m currently taking on new clients! Each project requires its own timeline, and turnarounds can vary from a couple days to a few months, depending on the scope of the edit. I’m always open to inquiries about taking on new work, so if you’re interested, please email me with a little more about your project, and I can get you a free consultation and quote.


I typically align my rates with the Editorial Freelance Association’s rate chart recommendations. I do find that an agreed-upon fixed price based on word count usually works more cleanly than tracking hourly rates, so give me a sense of what you’re looking for, and I’ll quote you a custom rate based on your needs. I am always open to negotiations if my experience and approach sounds like a good fit for your project.


For a wider-lensed look at my professional experience, take a peek at my resume.

Like what you see? Have more questions? Want to work together? Let’s talk shop. Get in touch at ashley / .  / strosnider / @ / gmail / .  / com.



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